This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Activities.Hosting Namespace

The System.Activities.Hosting namespace contains classes that provide the base support for hosting and executing a workflow.

Public classBookmarkInfoRepresents information about a named Bookmark.
Public classBookmarkScopeInfoContains identification and initialization information about a BookmarkScope object.
Public classLocationInfoProvides information about a related Location.
Public classSymbolResolverSymbolResolver is an extension for providing a host LocationReferenceEnvironment containing objects that can be dereferenced by a string name. Values provided through a SymbolResolver are not persisted. Persistence of SymbolResolver values is a host responsibility.
Public classWorkflowInstanceWorkflowInstance is a lightweight, per-instance runtime for executing a workflow program. It can be constructed to create a new workflow instance or from existing instance state. The APIs that WorkflowInstance.WorkflowInstanceControl exposes are the minimal set of runtime controls from which higher level operations can be implemented. This API set represents the entire breadth of functionality of the runtime. WorkflowInstance is an abstract class and relies on a host’s implementation of its abstract methods in order to provide host functionality such as synchronization, persistence, tracking, and extensions.
Public classWorkflowInstanceExtensionManagerManages a collection of extensions for a WorkflowInstance.
Public classWorkflowInstanceProxyA class that allows IWorkflowInstanceExtensions extensions access to the workflow service host.

Protected structureWorkflowInstance.WorkflowInstanceControlProvides methods for WorkflowInstance derived classes to access the functionality of the workflow runtime.

Public interfaceIWorkflowInstanceExtensionThis interface is implemented by composite extensions, or extensions that need access to the workflow instance. Implementers of this interface will be called by the WorkflowInstance prior to execution in order to provide additional extensions, or get access to the WorkflowInstance through the WorkflowInstanceProxy.

Public enumerationWorkflowInstanceStateSpecifies the state of a WorkflowInstance.