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Report.Render Method (String, String)

Visual Studio 2010

Processes the report and renders it in the specified format.

Namespace: Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms
Assembly: Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms (in microsoft.reportviewer.webforms.dll)

public byte[] Render (
	string format,
	string deviceInfo
public byte[] Render (
	String format, 
	String deviceInfo
public function Render (
	format : String, 
	deviceInfo : String
) : byte[]



The format in which to render the report. This parameter maps to a rendering extension.

In local processing mode, supported extensions are Excel, PDF, Word, and Image. In remote processing mode, supported extensions depend on the extensions supported by the report server.

You can access the list of available rendering extensions using the ListRenderingExtensions method in ServerReport or LocalReport, depending on the processing mode (see ProcessingMode).


An XML string that contains the device-specific content that is required by the rendering extension specified in the format parameter. For more information about device information settings for specific output formats, see Device Information Settings in SQL Server Books Online.

Return Value

A byte array of the report in the specified format.
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