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IResourceManager::RegisterScheduler Method

Registers a scheduler with the Resource Manager. Once the scheduler is registered, it should communicate with the Resource Manager using the ISchedulerProxy interface that is returned.

virtual ISchedulerProxy *RegisterScheduler(
   _Inout_ IScheduler * pScheduler,
   unsigned int version
) =0;


An IScheduler interface to the scheduler to be registered.


The version of communication interface the scheduler is using to communicate with the Resource Manager. Using a version allows the Resource Manager to evolve the communication interface while allowing schedulers to obtain access to older features. Schedulers that wish to use Resource Manager features present in Visual Studio 2010 should use the version CONCRT_RM_VERSION_1.

The ISchedulerProxy interface the Resource Manager has associated with your scheduler. Your scheduler should use this interface to communicate with Resource Manager from this point on.

Use this method to initiate communication with the Resource Manager. The method associates the IScheduler interface for your scheduler with an ISchedulerProxy interface and hands it back to you. You can use the returned interface to request execution resources for use by your scheduler, or to subscribe threads with the Resource Manager. The Resource Manager will use policy elements from the scheduler policy returned by the IScheduler::GetPolicy method to determine what type of threads the scheduler will need to execute work. If your SchedulerKind policy key has the value UmsThreadDefault and the value is read back out of the policy as the value UmsThreadDefault, the IScheduler interface passed to the method must be an IUMSScheduler interface.

The method throws an invalid_argument exception if the parameter pScheduler has the value NULL or if the parameter version is not a valid version for the communication interface.

Header: concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency

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