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SchedulerPolicy Class

The SchedulerPolicy class contains a set of key/value pairs, one for each policy element, that control the behavior of a scheduler instance.

class SchedulerPolicy;



SchedulerPolicy::SchedulerPolicy Constructor

Overloaded. Constructs a new scheduler policy and populates it with values for policy keys supported by Concurrency Runtime schedulers and the Resource Manager.

SchedulerPolicy::~SchedulerPolicy Destructor

Destroys a scheduler policy.



SchedulerPolicy::GetPolicyValue Method

Retrieves the value of the policy key supplied as the _Key parameter.

SchedulerPolicy::SetConcurrencyLimits Method

Simultaneously sets the MinConcurrency and MaxConcurrency policies on the SchedulerPolicy object.

SchedulerPolicy::SetPolicyValue Method

Sets the value of the policy key supplied as the _Key parameter and returns the old value.



SchedulerPolicy::operator= Operator

Assigns the scheduler policy from another scheduler policy.

For more information about the policies which can be controlled using the SchedulerPolicy class, see PolicyElementKey Enumeration.

Header: concrt.h, concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency

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