This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

single_link_registry Class

The single_link_registry object is a network_link_registry that manages only a single source or target block.

   class _Block
class single_link_registry : public network_link_registry<_Block>;


The block data type being stored in the single_link_registry object.

Public Constructors



single_link_registry::single_link_registry Constructor

Constructs a single_link_registry object.

single_link_registry::~single_link_registry Destructor

Destroys the single_link_registry object.

Public Methods



single_link_registry::add Method

Adds a link to the single_link_registry object. (Overrides network_link_registry::add.)

single_link_registry::begin Method

Returns an iterator to the first element in the single_link_registry object. (Overrides network_link_registry::begin.)

single_link_registry::contains Method

Searches the single_link_registry object for a specified block. (Overrides network_link_registry::contains.)

single_link_registry::count Method

Counts the number of items in the single_link_registry object. (Overrides network_link_registry::count.)

single_link_registry::remove Method

Removes a link from the single_link_registry object. (Overrides network_link_registry::remove.)

Header: agents.h

Namespace: Concurrency