Find Window Dialog Box


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Use this dialog box to select a window and display its properties or messages. To display this dialog box, choose Find Window from the Spy menu.

The following settings are available:

Finder Tool
The drag and drop tool used to select a window.

Hide Spy++
Removes the main Spy++ window and leaves the Find Window dialog box visible on top of your other applications.

The unique ID of the window to find.

The text of the window caption.

The class of the window.

The style of the window.

The bounding rectangle for the window.

Show Properties or Messages
Determines whether pressing OK will display the Window Properties Dialog Box or open a Messages View.

Using the Finder Tool
Shows how this tool scans windows for properties or messages.

Windows View
Displays a tree view of the available windows and controls.

Spy++ Views
Explains the Spy++ tree views of windows, messages, processes, and threads.

Using Spy++
Introduces the Spy++ tool and explains how it can be used.

Window Search Dialog Box
Used to find the node for a specific window in Windows view.

Window Properties Dialog Box
Used to display the properties of a window selected in Windows view.

Spy++ Reference
Includes sections describing each Spy++ menu and dialog box.