This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Threads View

The Threads view is a flat listing of all threads associated with windows on your system. The Thread ID and module name for each thread are shown. Processes are not included, but you can easily find the process that owns a selected thread.

To open the Threads view

  • From the Spy menu, choose Threads.

Spy++ Threads View

Spy++ Threads View

The figure above shows the Threads view.

Searching for a Thread in Threads View

Explains how to find a specific thread in Threads view.

Displaying Thread Properties

Explains how to show more information about a thread.

Spy++ Views

Explains the Spy++ tree views of windows, messages, processes, and threads.

Using Spy++

Introduces the Spy++ tool and explains how it can be used.

Thread Search Dialog Box

Used to find the node for a specific thread in Threads view.

Thread Properties Dialog Box

Displays the properties of a thread selected in Threads view or Messages view.

Spy++ Reference

Includes sections describing each Spy++ menu and dialog box.