Message Options Dialog Box


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Use this dialog box to select which messages are listed in Messages View. To display this dialog box, choose Log Messages from the Spy menu.

Windows Tab, Message Options Dialog Box
Used to select the types of messages to list. Includes the Finder Tool.

Messages Tab, Message Options Dialog Box
Used to select message types for viewing.

Output Tab, Message Options Dialog Box
Used to specify what message data to display.

Message Search Dialog Box
Used to find the node for a specific message in Message view.

Message Properties Dialog Box
Used to display the properties of a message selected in Message view.

Spy++ Reference
Includes sections describing each Spy++ menu and dialog box.

Searching for a Message in Messages View
Explains how to find a specific message in Messages view.

Messages View
Displays the message stream associated with a window, process, or thread.

Spy++ Views
Explains the Spy++ tree views of windows, messages, processes, and threads.

Using Spy++
Introduces the Spy++ tool and explains how it can be used.