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SqlFunctions.UserName Method (Nullable(Of Int32))

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Returns a database user name corresponding to a specified identification number.

Namespace:  System.Data.Objects.SqlClient
Assembly:  System.Data.Entity (in System.Data.Entity.dll)

<EdmFunctionAttribute("SqlServer", "USER_NAME")> _
Public Shared Function UserName ( _
	arg As Nullable(Of Integer) _
) As String


Type: System.Nullable(Of Int32)

A user ID.

Return Value

Type: System.String
The user name.

You cannot call this function directly. This function can only appear within a LINQ to Entities query.

This function is translated to a corresponding function in the database. For information about the corresponding SQL Server function, see USER_NAME (Transact-SQL).

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5, 4

.NET Framework Client Profile

Supported in: 4
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