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How to: Search for a Thread in Threads View

You can search for a specific thread in Threads view by using its thread ID or module string as search criteria. You can also specify the initial direction of the search. The fields in the dialog box will show the attributes of the selected thread in the thread tree.

To search for a thread in Threads view

  1. Arrange your windows so that Spy++ and an active Threads View window are visible.

  2. From the Search menu, choose Find Thread.

    The Thread Search Dialog Box opens.

  3. Type the thread ID or a module string as search criteria.

  4. Clear any fields for which you do not want to specify values.

    Tip Tip

    To find all the threads owned by a module, clear the Thread text box and type the module name in the Module box. Then use Find Next to continue searching for threads.

  5. Choose Up or Down for the initial direction of the search.

  6. Click OK.

If a matching thread is found, it is highlighted in the Threads view window.

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