How to: Expand and Collapse Spy++ Trees


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For the latest Visual Studio 2017 documentation, see How to: Expand and Collapse Spy++ Trees on

You can expand and collapse the Windows, Processes, and Threads views using two methods: by clicking on the icons in the window or by using the Tree menu. The + and – icons in the tree act as they do in the Visual C++ project window.

The Tree menu contains four commands:

Menu CommandDescription
Expand One LevelExpands the currently selected item to the next level.
Expand BranchFully expands the currently selected item.
Expand AllFully expands all items in the window.
CollapseFully collapses the currently selected item.
System_CAPS_ICON_tip.jpg Tip

If you expand a process, you see all the threads the process owns. If you expand a thread, you see a list of all the windows it owns.

To expand or collapse Spy++ trees

  1. Highlight one of the items in the Windows, Processes, or Threads view.

  2. From the Tree menu, choose one of the expand or collapse commands.

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