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Using Spy++


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Spy++ (SPYXX.EXE) is a Win32-based utility that gives you a graphical view of the system's processes, threads, windows, and window messages. This section of the Spy++ Help includes the following help topics:

Introducing Spy++
Explains the types of information you can display with the Spy++ tool.

How to: Start Spy++
Explains how to launch Spy++ from the Tools menu.

Spy++ Toolbar
Describes the commands available on the Spy++ toolbar.

How to: Display Spy++ Views
How to display Windows view, Messages view, Processes view, and Threads view.

How to: Refresh the View
Explains the Refresh command.

How to: Change Fonts
Explains how to change the way a view is displayed.

How to: Expand and Collapse Spy++ Trees
Explains how to manipulate a view.

Spy++ Views
Explains the Spy++ tree views of windows, messages, processes, and threads.

Spy++ Reference
Includes sections describing each Spy++ menu and dialog box.