OutputCacheAttribute Properties

The OutputCacheAttribute type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllowMultiple Gets or sets a value that indicates whether more than one instance of the filter attribute can be specified. (Inherited from FilterAttribute.)
Public property CacheProfile Gets or sets the cache profile name.
Public property Static member ChildActionCache Gets or sets the child action cache.
Public property Duration Gets or sets the cache duration, in seconds.
Public property Location Gets or sets the location.
Public property NoStore Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to store the cache.
Public property Order Gets or sets the order in which the action filters are executed. (Inherited from FilterAttribute.)
Public property SqlDependency Gets or sets the SQL dependency.
Public property TypeId (Inherited from Attribute.)
Public property VaryByContentEncoding Gets or sets the vary-by-content encoding.
Public property VaryByCustom Gets or sets the vary-by-custom value.
Public property VaryByHeader Gets or sets the vary-by-header value.
Public property VaryByParam Gets or sets the vary-by-param value.