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How to: Deploy an Initial Version of an Application

After an application is properly published to a deployment server, it is ready to deploy. You (as a user) deploy a ClickOnce application to a client computer by clicking the link that was provided to you by the publisher.

For this activity, you will treat your development computer as the client computer in addition to it being the deployment server. To complete this topic, you will need to have completed the automated or manual procedures of the topic, How to: Publish an Initial Version of an Application.

This procedure will deploy and run the ConfigurationModularity QuickStart application on your computer through ClickOnce.

To deploy an initial version of an application to a client computer

  1. Click the link provided to you for launching the application.
  2. Accept the security warning prompt to install the application.
  3. Use the application after it finishes launching.

For more information about this procedure, see Automated: Deploy an Initial Version of an Application.

For more information about deploying WPF applications with ClickOnce, see Deploying WPF Applications with ClickOnce.

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