Workflow Services

.NET Framework (current version)

.NET Framework 4.6.1 allows you to fully describe a workflow-based service declaratively in XAML. You can define a workflow that implements your service and describe endpoints the service exposes, all entirely in XAML. The topics in this section describe, in detail, the programming model that supports writing services declaratively.

In This Section

Workflow Services Overview

Describes the components involved in creating and hosting a workflow service.

Messaging Activities

Discusses activities that allow workflows to send and receive messages.

How to: Create a Workflow Service with Messaging Activities

Describes how to use messaging activities to create a workflow service.

How To: Access a Service From a Workflow Application

Discusses how to call a service from a workflow application.


Discusses how correlation maps messages to each other and to instances.

Out-of-Order Message Processing

Describes configuring a service to accept out of order messages.

How to: Create a Workflow Service That Calls Another Workflow Service

Describes how to synchronously call a workflow service from within another workflow service.

Contract First Workflow Service Development

Describes creating a workflow service based on an existing service contract.

How to: Create a workflow service that consumes an existing service contract

Provides a step-by-step example of creating a workflow service using an existing service contract.

Hosting Workflow Services Overview

Describes the different aspects of hosting a workflow service.

Using Contracts in Workflow

Describes the different types of contracts and contract inference.