Mass Index Formula

The mass index formula predicts trend reversals by calculating the range between high and low prices for each period. A bulge in the index line signals a possible trend reversal. You can use a 9-day Exponential Moving Average Formulato determine whether the bulge is a buy or sell signal.


This formula takes two optional parameters.


Period of accumulation. The default value is 25.


Period for calculating the exponential moving average for the mass index. The default value is 9.

This formula takes two input Y values.


Daily high price.


Daily low price.

This formula outputs one Y value.


Mass index.

The Line chart type is a convenient chart type to display the formula output.

The following example takes input from Series1's Y value for the high and low prices, respectively, (Series1:Y,Series1:Y2), and outputs the mass index on Series3 (Series3:Y). It uses an accumulation period of 30 days and a moving average period of 12 days.

Chart1.DataManipulator.FinancialFormula (FinancialFormula.MassIndex, "30,12", "Series1:Y,Series1:Y2", "Series3:Y");