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Getting Started

This section helps you get started with using the Chart controls. The tutorials range from easy to hard. Some of the tutorials are continuations of other tutorials.

In This Section

Tutorial: Creating a Basic Chart
This tutorial demonstrates how to add the Chart control to your Windows Forms or Web application, and then add data, title, legends, and annotations to your chart.

Tutorial: Changing to a 3D Chart
This tutorial demonstrates how to apply 3D to your Chart control, as well as how to use custom attributes in series.

Tutorial: Data Binding a Chart to a Database
This tutorial demonstrates how to bind data from a database, as well as how to use tooltips and adjust the axis labels in your chart.

Tutorial: Customizing a Chart with Events
This tutorial demonstrates how to use events to customize your chart. You will programmatically draw a marker to highlight the highest data point value in the data series.

Tutorial: Running Applications Created Using Chart Controls for .NET Framework 3.5
If you created an application using Chart Controls for .NET Framework 3.5, follow this tutorial to run your application against .NET Framework 4.

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