Ease of Movement Formula

The ease of movement formula uses the close price and volume to measure the strength of the price trend. A value close to zero indicates that prices are not moving easily, while a high positive value indicates that prices are going up easily and a high negative value indicates that prices are going down easily.


This formula takes three input Y values.


Daily high price.


Daily low price.


Daily volume.

This formula outputs one Y value.


Ease of movement indicator.

The Line chart type is a convenient chart type to display the formula output. It is useful to also plot its exponential moving average in the same chart.

The following example calculates the ease of movement indicator, then calculates the exponential moving average of the ease of movement indicator.

// Calculate the ease of movement
Chart1.DataManipulator.FinancialFormula (FinancialFormula.EaseOfMovement, "Series1:Y,Series1:Y2,Series2:Y", "Series3:Y");

// Calculate its exponential moving average
Chart1.DataManipulator.FinancialFormula (FinancialFormula.ExponentialMovingAverage,"14", "Series3:Y", "Series4:Y");