Range Bar Chart

Range Bar Chart (Chart Controls)

The Range Bar chart type displays separate events that have beginning and end values. Data can be plotted using either a date and time or numerical scale. Use this chart type when planning the use of resources.

Multiple data sets are represented as series, and each series can represent one or more tasks.

Picture of the Range Bar chart type

SeriesChartType value


Number of Y values per point


Number of series

One or more.

Supports markers


Cannot be combined with:

Any other chart type except bar-type charts.

Custom attributes

BarLabelStyle, DrawingStyle, DrawSideBySide, EmptyPointValue, MaxPixelPointWidth, MinPixelPointWidth, PixelPointDepth, PixelPointGapDepth, PixelPointWidth, PointWidth

Data labels cannot be drawn outside the bars. This means that setting the BarLabelStyle custom attribute to Outside has no effect.

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