Data Binding and Manipulation with Chart Controls

The chart control provides various methods for binding and manipulating data, including financial and statistical formulas.

Binding Data to Series

Provides an overview of the various data-binding methods in the Chart controls, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Exporting Series Data

Describes how to export series data for use by external controls.

Searching Data Points

Describes how to search the X and Y values of data points in a series for a range of values or a specific value.

Working with Dates

Describes how to use date and time values in labels and axis of the Chart controls.

Using Empty Data Points

Describes how to control the appearance of empty or missing data.

Aligning Data

Describes how to align data of multiple series.

Sorting Data

Describes the methods in the Chart control that you can use to sort data.

Copying, Splitting, and Merging Data

Describes how to copy data from one series to another, split a series' Y values into multiple series, and merge multiple series into one series with multiple Y values.

Filtering Data

Describes how to filter a data series to remove noise from the data.

Grouping Data

Describes how to group related data points into a smaller set of data points.

Applying Formulas

Describes how to use the Chart control's formulas to perform statistical analysis and financial analysis on data series.