Range Column Chart

The Range Column chart type displays a range of data by plotting two Y values per data point. Each Y value used is drawn as the upper, and lower bounds of a column. This is similar to the Range Bar chart, except the columns are positioned vertically. The range between the Y values can be filled with color, information, or even an image.

SeriesChartType value


Number of Y values per point

2 (see table below).

Number of series

One or more.

Supports markers


Cannot be combined with:

Doughnut, Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Polar, Radar, Pyramid, or Funnel charts.

Custom attributes

DrawingStyle, DrawSideBySide, EmptyPointValue, MaxPixelPointWidth, MinPixelPointWidth, PixelPointDepth, PixelPointGapDepth, PixelPointWidth, PointWidth

A Range series uses two Y values: a low value and a high value.

Y Values Index



Low value.


High value.

Each data point must consist of two Y values. Otherwise, an exception is thrown.