Spline Range Chart

The Spline Range chart type displays a range of data by plotting two Y values per data point, with each Y value drawn as a line chart. The range between the Y values can be filled with color, information, or even an image.

This chart type is similar to the Range chart type. The difference is that the line tension in this chart can be adjusted using the LineTension custom attribute.

SeriesChartType value


Number of Y values per point

2 (see table below).

Number of series

One or more.

Supports markers


Cannot be combined with:

Doughnut, Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Polar, Radar, Pyramid, or Funnel charts.

Custom attributes

EmptyPointValue, LabelStyle, LineTension, PixelPointDepth, PixelPointGapDepth, ShowMarkerLines

A Range series uses two Y values a high value and a low value.

Y Values Index



High value.


Low value.