Weighted Moving Average Formula

The weighted moving average formula is a moving average of data that gives more weight to the more recent data in the period and less weight to the older data in the period. This formula smoothes a data series. This makes analyzing volatile data easier.


This formula takes one required parameter.


Period for calculating the weighted moving average.

This formula takes one input Y value.


Price for which the weighted moving average is calculated.

This formula outputs two Y values.


Weighted moving average.

The Line chart type is a convenient chart type to display the formula output.

The following example takes input from Series1's second Y value (Series1:Y2) and outputs a 20-day weighted moving average on Series2's first Y value (Series2:Y).

Chart1.DataManipulator.FinancialFormula (FinancialFormula.WeightedMovingAverage, "20", "Series1:Y2", "Series2:Y");