This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ComponentModel.Composition.Primitives Namespace

This namespace provides the primitive types underlying the MEF programming model.

Public classComposablePartDefines the abstract base class for composable parts, which import objects and produce exported objects.
Public classComposablePartCatalogRepresents the abstract base class for composable part catalogs, which collect and return ComposablePartDefinition objects.
Public classComposablePartDefinitionDefines an abstract base class for composable part definitions, which describe and enable the creation of ComposablePart objects.
Public classComposablePartExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error occurs when calling methods on a ComposablePart object.
Public classContractBasedImportDefinitionRepresents an import that is required by a ComposablePart object and that can specify both a contract name and metadata.
Public classExportRepresents an export, which is a type that consists of a delay-created exported object and the metadata that describes that object.
Public classExportDefinitionDescribes the contract that a particular Export object satisfies.
Public classExportedDelegateRepresents a function exported by a ComposablePart.
Public classImportDefinitionRepresents an import that is required by a ComposablePart object.

Public interfaceICompositionElementRepresents an element that participates in composition.

Public enumerationImportCardinalityIndicates the cardinality of the Export objects required by an ImportDefinition.