Forgot Password Web Part

The Forgot Password Web Part lets shoppers reset their passwords if they have forgotten them.

The following image shows the Forgot Password Web Part.


The Forgot Password Web Part displays a textbox for a shopper to enter his or her user name. After the system confirms that the shopper's user name exists, the system displays the shopper's security question and a textbox for the shopper to enter his or her security question answer. After the shopper has successfully answered his or her security question, the system sends an auto-generated e-mail to the address the shopper used to register. An account that has its password reset is placed in a restricted security group allowing them only to access the Change Password Web Part.

The Forgot Password Web Part property sheet lets site designers control some aspects of the Web Part's behavior and appearance. The property sheet is displayed by selecting the edit option on the Web Page (in Edit Page mode) and then selecting Modify Shared Web Part. This displays the property sheet. Expand the sections to see the relevant properties.

For a detailed list of this Web Part properties and information related to customizing this Web Part, see Working with the Forgot Password Web Part.