Deployment Guidelines

Commerce Server 2009

For the base platform, install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 on each server by using the default installation options. Note the following special instructions:

  • To avoid virus attacks, install the base platform from the CD and disconnect each server from the Internet by unplugging any cables or disabling any network adapters.

  • If Windows Server 2003 cannot detect a hard disk drive during setup, restart the server and press F6 at the start of the Windows Server 2003 Setup program (not the Windows Server 2003 Installation Wizard) to install the appropriate drivers for the hard disk drives or arrays.

  • Format a clean partition by using the Windows NTFS file system.

  • Use only alphanumeric characters for the computer name.

  • Do not install Internet Information Services (IIS) and Indexing Service except on the Web servers.

  • Do not configure any network adapters or join any domains at this point. Do these tasks in the sequence recommended in Configuring the Network and Servers.

  • Test all critical updates in an offline environment before you install them on the run-time or production servers.

  • Disable all antivirus software during software installation. Some antivirus software programs will prevent required software components from installing.