We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.Execution Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.Execution namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable, manage, and coordinate the execution of tests in Visual Studio Test Professional. This namespace includes the IDataCollector interface, which you use to create custom diagnostic data adapters to automatically execute tasks within test runs, and the ITestExecutionEnvironmentSpecifier, which lets you specify the environment settings for tests on remote machines.

Public classAgentContextEncapsulates the context of the agent environment.
Public classBasicTransferInformationCollects information that is required to request a file or stream transfer from a diagnostic data adapter.
Public classControllerContextRepresents the current context for a test controller.
Public classCustomCollectorData
Public classCustomCollectorGenericErrorData
Public classCustomNotificationEventArgsProvides a base class for event argument classes that are used in custom diagnostic data adapters.
Public classDataCollectionContextRepresents the context in which data collection occurs.
Public classDataCollectionEnvironmentContextEncapsulates the environment where a diagnostic data adapter is hosted.
Public classDataCollectionEventArgsThe base class for all execution event arguments.
Public classDataCollectionEventsDefines the execution events that diagnostic data adapters can register.
Public classDataCollectionLoggerSends error messages for diagnostic data adapters to the client, which can be the test runner, Visual Studio IDE, or Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public classDataCollectionSinkDiagnostic data adapters use a DataCollectionSink to store files and XML data for later attachment to bugs and test reports.
Public classDataCollectorProvides a base class for custom diagnostic data adapters.
Public classDataCollectorConfigurationEditorAttributeSpecifies the configuration editor that the testing framework should use to configure the diagnostic data adapter.
Public classDataCollectorConfigurationEditorTypeUriAttributeIdentifies a diagnostic data adapter configuration editor in the form of a uniform resource identifier (URI).
Public classDataCollectorDescriptionAttributeAttaches a description to a custom diagnostic data adapter.
Public classDataCollectorEnabledByDefaultAttributeDesignates that the diagnostic data adapter class is enabled by default when the adapter is listed in the Test Manager user interface (UI).
Public classDataCollectorFriendlyNameAttributeDefines a friendly name for the diagnostic data adapter.
Public classDataCollectorNotificationsUsed by custom test adapters to raise events for diagnostic data adapters.
Public classDataCollectorSettingsReads and updates the configuration settings and static data for a diagnostic data adapter.
Public classDataCollectorSupportsTailoredApplicationsAttribute
Public classDataCollectorTypeUriAttributeUses a URI to uniquely identify the type of a diagnostic data adapter.
Public classDataCollectorVersionObsoleteAttribute
Public classDataRequestEventArgsEvent arguments class for DataRequest events.
Public classExecutionUtilitiesProvides utility methods to help execute and debug tests.
Public classFileTransferInformationRepresents information that is required to request a file transfer.
Public classMediaRecorderCommandEventArgs
Public classMediaRecorderCustomData
Public classMediaRecorderVolumeLevelData
Public classRequestIdUniquely identifies a request and can be used with messages and events.
Public classRoleContextEncapsulates context information about the role in which a diagnostic data adapter is being configured.
Public classRunConfigurationClass to manage test run configuration data and objects.
Public classSessionEndEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the SessionEnd event.
Public classSessionPauseEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the SessionPause event.
Public classSessionResumeEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the SessionResume event.
Public classSessionStartEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the SessionStart event.
Public classStreamTransferInformationRepresents information that is required to request a stream transfer.
Public classTestCaseEndEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestCaseEnd event.
Public classTestCaseEventArgsProvides a base class for all event argument classes that are used in test case events.
Public classTestCaseFailedEventArgsRepresents the arguments that are provided for a TestCaseFailed event.
Public classTestCasePauseEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestCasePause event.
Public classTestCaseResetEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestCaseReset event.
Public classTestCaseResumeEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestCaseResume event.
Public classTestCaseStartEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestCaseStart event.
Public classTestExecutionSectionRepresents the configuration settings for the execution section of the app.config configuration file.
Public classTestStepEndEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestStepEnd event.
Public classTestStepEventArgsBase class for all test step event arguments.
Public classTestStepStartEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the TestStepStart event.

Public interfaceIBaseAdapterProvides an interface to use as a base for a custom test adapter.
Public interfaceIBaseRunContextProvides an interface that the test adapter uses to communicate with the test execution framework.
Public interfaceIContextAccessorInterface to use to build a helper class to store and retrieve values from contexts.
Public interfaceIDataCollectionAwareTestAdapterProvides an interface that adds the ability to raise events for diagnostic data adapters to custom test adapters.
Public interfaceIDataCollectionRunContextInterface for an object that encapsulates the current environment for custom diagnostic data adapters.
Public interfaceIDataCollectorConfigurationConverter
Public interfaceIDataCollectorConfigurationEditorProvides an interface that creates custom configuration editors of diagnostic data adapters.
Public interfaceIExecutionRunConfigurationInterface for test run information.
Public interfaceIHostAdapterInterface to provide support for test execution in a host application.
Public interfaceIRegisterHostAdapterProvides an interface for a host adapter agent to publish on a remoting channel.
Public interfaceIResultSinkInterface to send messages, results, and notifications.
Public interfaceIRunContextProvides an interface for test adapters to retrieve information about a test run.
Public interfaceITestContextA context interface definition for a test context that is passed to a method during the test run process.
Public interfaceITestExecutionPluginPluggable interface that is used to execute code in the test execution framework.
Public interfaceITestRunnerProvides an interface between the controller and the agent to enable a suite adapter to call back and execute a list of test cases.

Public enumerationAdapterRunResultThe AdapterRunResult enumeration is used by the testing framework to indicate the success or failure of a test run.
Public enumerationMediaRecorderCommand
Public enumerationNotificationBroadcastLevelEnumerates the scope of diagnostic data adapters to which test adapters can broadcast custom notification events.
Public enumerationTestCaseFailureTypeThis enumeration represents the types of failure for a test case as used in the TestCaseFailedEventArgs class.