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Algorithms, Parameters, and Constraints

Office 2007

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The topics in this section list the parameters and constants that you can use to customize the SmartArt layout algorithms.

Composite Algorithm

Specifies the size and position for all child layout nodes.

Connector Algorithm

Lays out and routes connecting lines, arrows, and shapes between layout nodes.

Cycle Algorithm

Arranges child layout nodes around a circle or portion of a circle by using equal angle spacing.

Hierarchy Child Algorithm

Aligns and positions child layout nodes in a linear path under the hierRoot layout node.

Hierarchy Root Algorithm

Aligns and positions the hierRoot layout node in relation to the hierChild layout nodes.

Linear Algorithm

Arranges child layout nodes along a linear path.

Pyramid Algorithm

Arranges child layout nodes along a vertical path and uses the trapezoid shape to create a pyramid.

Snake Algorithm

Arranges child layout nodes along a linear path in two dimensions, allowing the linear flow to continue across multiple rows or columns.

Space Algorithm

Specifies a minimum space between other layout nodes.

Text Algorithm

Sizes text to fit inside a shape and controls its margins and alignment.