SAP BI Destination Editor (Advanced Page)

SAP BI Destination Editor (Advanced Page)

Use the Advanced page of the SAP BI Destination Editor to set advanced settings such as package size and time-out information.

To learn more about the SAP BI destination of the Microsoft Connector for SAP BI, see SAP BI Destination.

The documentation for the Microsoft Connector for SAP BI assumes familiarity with the SAP NetWeaver BI environment. For more information about SAP NetWeaver BI, or for information about how to configure SAP NetWeaver BI objects and processes, see your SAP documentation.

To open the Advanced page

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Integration Services package that contains the SAP BI destination.
  2. On the Data Flow tab, double-click the SAP BI destination.
  3. In the SAP BI Destination Editor, click Advanced to open the Advanced page of the editor.

If you do not know all the values that are required to configure the destination, you might have to ask your SAP administrator.

Package size

Specify how many rows of data will be transferred at a time. The optimal value for this parameter depends on the SAP NetWeaver BI system and on additional processing of the data that might occur. Typically, values between 2000 and 20000 offer the best performance.

Trigger process chain

(Optional) Specify the name of a process chain to be triggered after the loading of data is completed.

Timeout for waiting InfoPackage

Specify the maximum number of seconds that the destination should wait for the InfoPackage to finish.

Wait for data transfer to finish

Specify whether the destination should wait until the SAP NetWeaver BI system has finished loading the data.

No InfoPackage Start (Only Wait)

Specify that the destination does not trigger an InfoPackage, but just waits for notification that the SAP NetWeaver BI system has started loading the data.

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