SAP BI Source Editor (Columns Page)

SAP BI Source Editor (Columns Page)

Use the Columns page of the SAP BI Source Editor to map an output column to each external (source) column.

To learn more about the SAP BI source component of the Microsoft Connector for SAP BI, see SAP BI Source.

The documentation for the Microsoft Connector for SAP BI assumes familiarity with the SAP NetWeaver BI environment. For more information about SAP NetWeaver BI, or for information about how to configure SAP NetWeaver BI objects and processes, see your SAP documentation.

Extracting data from SAP NetWeaver BI requires additional SAP licensing. Check with SAP to verify these requirements.

To open the Columns page

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Integration Services package that contains the SAP BI source.
  2. On the Data Flow tab, double-click the SAP BI source.
  3. In the SAP BI Source Editor, click Columns to open the Columns page of the editor.

If you do not know all the values that are required to configure the source, you might have to ask your SAP administrator.

Available External Columns

View the list of available external columns in the data source, and then select the columns to be included in the data flow.

To include a column in the data flow, select the check box that corresponds to that column. The order in which you select the check boxes determines the order in which columns will be output. That is, the first check box that you select will be the first output column, the second check box will be the second output columns, and so on.

External Column

View the selected external (source) columns. The selected columns appear in the order in which you will see their corresponding output columns when you configure downstream components that consume data from this source.

To change the order of the columns, in the Available External Columns list, clear the check boxes for all columns. Then, select the columns in the order that you want them to appear.

Output Column

Provide a unique name for each output column. The default is the name of the selected external (source) column. However, you can enter any unique, descriptive name. SSIS Designer will display the Output Column names for the columns when you configure downstream components that consume data from this source.

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