Create a panoramic photo

Expression Studio 1.0

If you have several photos in which adjacent sections of the same scene overlap, Deep Zoom Composer can automatically combine them into one panoramic photo using a photo stitching process.

Stitching process

Overlapping images to create a panoramic photo

To create a panoramic photo

  1. On the artboard or in the Images panel in the Compose workspace, select the images that you want to use to create your panoramic photo.

  2. Right-click anywhere inside the selection, and click Create Panoramic Photo.

  3. In the Stitching Preview dialog box, make any changes you want to the way the image is cropped by using the bounding box, and then click Save cropped image.

  4. If you selected images on the artboard, the new panoramic photo is added to the artboard automatically. If you selected images from the Images panel, the new panoramic photo is added to the end of the Images panel.

    important noteImportant

    Deep Zoom Composer cannot create a panoramic photo from unrelated images. Make sure that you select related images that can overlap each other.


    Panoramic photos created in Deep Zoom Composer are saved to the Source Images folder in the Deep Zoom Composer Projects folder.

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