Add tags to images and hotspots

Expression Studio 1.0

A tag is a piece of metadata. If you export your images as a Microsoft Silverlight Deep Zoom collection using the Tag Browser template, you can use tags to filter the images when you view them in a browser. You can also use tags when you want to add interactivity to a Deep Zoom collection by using another program such as Microsoft Expression Blend or Microsoft Silverlight.

For more information, see Export without composing

For information about the Tag Browser template, see Export for Silverlight.

To add a tag to an image or a hotspot

  1. In the Compose workspace, in the Layers or Images panel, click the image or hotspot to which you want to add a tag.

  2. In the Properties panel, in the Tag text box, type the tag that you want to add.


    You can add a tag to more than one image or hotspot at a time if you select multiple images and hotspots in the Images panel or on the artboard, and then, in the Properties panel, type your tag in the Tag box. However, if you do this, the new tag for the multiple images and hotspots will overwrite any previous tags that the individual images and hotspots had before.

    tip noteTip

    At its default size, the Images panel may not display as many images and hotspots as you would like. You can maximize the Images panel by clicking the arrow icon Icon_MaximizeImageGallery in the upper-right corner of the panel. To restore the Images panel to its original size, click the arrow icon Icon_MinimizeImageGallery again.

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