PlaybackSettings Properties

The PlaybackSettings type exposes the following members.

Public property ContinueOnError Gets or sets a flag which indicates whether to ignore playback related failures that occur during a playback session.
Public property DelayBetweenActions Gets or sets the delay between actions in milliseconds.
Public property ImeLanguageList Gets a list of Input Method Editors(IME) language locale IDs(LCID) for which IME ends composition on clicking the {Enter} key.
Public property MatchExactHierarchy Gets or sets a value to indicate whether to match the exact hierarchy specified for searching this control.
Public property SearchInMinimizedWindows Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to search in minimized windows.
Public property SearchTimeout Gets or sets the time-out for searches.
Public property SendKeysAsScanCode Gets or sets a value indicating whether to send the keys as a scan-code.
Public property ShouldSearchFailFast Gets or sets a value indicating whether search has to fail fast or after the time-out period set for the search operation has elapsed.
Public property SkipSetPropertyVerification Gets or sets a value indicating whether to skip verification after a set value.
Public property SmartMatchOptions Gets or sets a value that indicates whether smart match is enabled.
Public property ThinkTimeMultiplier Gets or sets the think time multiplier.
Public property WaitForReadyLevel Gets or sets the WaitForReadyLevel to be used for WaitForReady calls during a search operation.
Public property WaitForReadyTimeout Gets or sets the number of milliseconds to wait for the application to be ready.

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