Framework Components

The following illustration shows the architecture of the Windows Biometric Framework. The individual components are discussed in the following table.

Architecture of the Windows Biometric Framework


Windows Biometric Service

A privileged service that manages the biometric hardware and captures, manipulates, and saves biometric data.

Biometric Service Provider (BSP)

A software object that manages a single category of biometric devices. For example, fingerprint readers make up one category and iris scanners another. The service provider implements any policy that is unique to a particular category. Microsoft provides the BSP.

Biometric Unit

A software object that can capture and process biometric samples and create, save, and match biometric templates.

Sensor adapter

A component of a biometric unit that wraps a biometric device and provides a standard interface for configuring the sensor, capturing samples, and controlling the flow of biometric data to the engine adapter.

Engine adapter

A component of a biometric unit that generates biometric templates from captured samples, matches samples to existing templates, and indexes templates.

Storage adapter

A component of a biometric unit that manages template databases.

Biometric Driver Stack

A WDF-based driver stack that provides a simplified driver interface to sensor vendors.

Template database

A biometric template repository.


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