Dependency Element (VSX Schema)

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Describes a package that another package depends on. If a dependency package is specified (that is, identified by its Metadata Element Id attribute), it must already be installed before this package is installed; otherwise, this package must install it.

<Dependency Id="Microsoft.Framework.NDP" Version="[4.0-5.0)" CanAutoDownload="false" IsRequired="true" />

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.





Required. The unique identifier for the dependency package. Must match the Id attribute of the Metadata Element of the dependency package.


Required. The allowable version range of the dependency package. The version range notation is : [1.0 – 2.1).

  1. A leading left square bracket means the minimum version is inclusive.

  2. A trailing right square bracket means the maximum version is inclusive.

  3. A leading left parenthesis means the minimum version is exclusive.

  4. A trailing right parenthesis means the maximum version is exclusive.

  5. A single version number selects a minimum supported version that has an unbounded maximum.


The display name of the dependent package. Used in user-interface elements such as dialog boxes and error messages. Required for MSI-based dependencies, or when the CanAutoDownload attribute is set to false. Otherwise, this attribute is optional.


Optional. Specifies either the relative path of a nested dependency package or the URL of the download location for the dependency package. Use this attribute if you want to limit download location or if the dependency package is installed by an MSI-based installer.


Adds an open-ended set of attributes that are exposed at run time as a name-value pair dictionary.

Child Elements




Parent Elements



Dependencies Element

Contains a list of Dependency Elements for the dependent package.

Any attributes that are not listed in this document are exposed to the VSIX Manifest API as a name-value pair dictionary.


Schema Name

VSIX Manifest

Validation File


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