DV Video Subtypes

A number of subtypes are defined for DV video. Each has a FOURCC code and a corresponding GUID value. Not all of these formats are supported; see the Remarks section for more information.

Consumer Formats

FOURCC GUID Data Rate Description
'dvsl'MEDIASUBTYPE_dvsl12.5 MbpsSD-DVCR (525-60 or 625-50)
'dvsd'MEDIASUBTYPE_dvsd25 MbpsSDL-DVCR (525-60 or 625-50)
'dvhd'MEDIASUBTYPE_dvhd50 MbpsHD-DVCR (1125-60 or 1250-50)


Refer to IEC-61834 for more information about these formats.

Professional Formats

FOURCC GUID Data Rate Description
'dv25'MEDIASUBTYPE_dv2525 MbpsDVCPRO 25 (525-60 or 625-50).
'dv50'MEDIASUBTYPE_dv5050 MbpsDVCPRO 50 (525-60 or 625-50)
'dvh1'MEDIASUBTYPE_dvh1100 MbpsDVCPRO 100 (1080/60i, 1080/50i, or 720/60P)


Refer to SMPTE 314M for more information about dv25 and dv50, and SMPTE 370M for more information about dvh1.


Two additional DV subtypes are defined in the header file Uuids.h. These correspond to FOURCC codes that are produced by certain DV codecs; they do not correspond to any defined DV standards. These subtypes are obsolete and should not be used.




The following table shows the supported data rates, in megabits per second (Mbps), for the MSDV and UVC drivers.

Operating System MSDV (IEEE 1394) Driver UVC Driver
Windows XP Service Pack 1 or earlier12.5, 25Not available
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later.12.5, 25, 50, 10012.5, 25


For 25-Mbps streams, the behavior of the MSDV driver has changed in Windows Vista Prior to Windows Vista, the MSDV driver always set the media type to MEDIASUBTYPE_dvsd for 25-Mbps streams, regardless of whether the source was SDL-DVCR or DVCPRO 25. The 'dv25' media type was not used. Starting with Windows Vista, the MSDV driver now distinguishes between these two formats. For SDL-DVCR, it continues to use the 'dvsd' subtype. For DVCPRO 25, it now uses the 'dv25' subtype.

The DirectShow DV Splitter and DV Video Decoder filters support SDL-DVCR formats only. The data can be PAL or NTSC. Third-party filters or codecs may be available that can parse other DV formats, as long as the data rate is supported by the MSDV or UVC driver.




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