DVD_ERROR enumeration

The DVD_ERROR enumeration value defines DVD error conditions.

The EC_DVD_ERROR event contains a flag from this enumeration in the lParam1 event parameter. The value of the flag determines the meaning of the lParam2 parameter, as described here for each flag. If not listed, lParam2 is zero.


typedef enum _tagDVD_ERROR { 
  DVD_ERROR_Unexpected                           = 1,
  DVD_ERROR_CopyProtectFail                      = 2,
  DVD_ERROR_InvalidDVD1_0Disc                    = 3,
  DVD_ERROR_InvalidDiscRegion                    = 4,
  DVD_ERROR_LowParentalLevel                     = 5,
  DVD_ERROR_MacrovisionFail                      = 6,
  DVD_ERROR_IncompatibleSystemAndDecoderRegions  = 7,
  DVD_ERROR_IncompatibleDiscAndDecoderRegions    = 8,
  DVD_ERROR_CopyProtectOutputFail                = 9,
  DVD_ERROR_CopyProtectOutputNotSupported        = 10



Something unexpected happened; perhaps content is authored incorrectly. Playback is stopped.


Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed. Playback is stopped.


DVD-Video disc is authored incorrectly for specification version 1.x. Playback is stopped.


The disc cannot be played because it is not authored to play in the system region. You can try fixing the region mismatch by changing the system region with Dvdrgn.exe.

lParam2: The low WORD contains the disc region and the high WORD contains the system region.


Player parental level is lower than the lowest parental level available in the DVD content. Playback is stopped.

lParam2: The lowest parental level in the DVD content, or -1 if no parental level is specified in the content.


Analog copy protection distribution failed. Playback stopped.


No discs can be played because the system region does not match the decoder region.

lParam2: The low WORD contains the system region and the high WORD contains the decoder region.


The disc cannot be played because the disc is not authored to be played in the decoder's region.

lParam2: The low WORD contains the disc region and the high WORD contains the decoder region.


The disc cannot be played because the video display does not meet the copy protection requirements.


The disc cannot be played because the driver does not support checking the video display.


For the flags where lParam2 contains two region codes, the regions are encoded as a set of bits, one bit per region, in reverse order. If a disc is allowed in a region, that bit is turned off. For example, for a Region 2 disc, the value is 11111101, with the second least significant bit turned off. A multi-region disc will have more than one bit turned off.



Dvdevcode.h (include Dshow.h)

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