DVD Commands

The DVD navigation and playback commands are defined in a section of the DVD specification named Annex J, which is why the DirectShow documentation often refers to "Annex J commands." The names given in Annex J are not always very intuitive, however, so DirectShow uses names that may be easier to understand.

The following table lists the Annex J commands and their DirectShow equivalents.

Annex J command Description IDvdControl2 method
Title_PlayPlay a title. PlayTitle
PTT_PlayPlay a chapter in a title. PlayChapterInTitle
Time_PlayPlay a title starting from a specified time. PlayAtTimeInTitle
StopStop playback. Stop
GoUpReturn from a submenu to the parent menu. ReturnFromSubmenu
Time_SearchPlay at a specified time within the current title. PlayAtTime
PTT_SearchPlay a chapter within the current title. PlayChapter
PrevPG_SearchGo to the start of the previous chapter and resume playback. PlayPrevChapter
TopPG_SearchGo to the start of the current chapter and resume playback. ReplayChapter
NextPG_SearchGo to the start of the next chapter and resume playback. PlayNextChapter
Forward_ScanPlay forward at a specified playback rate. The default playback rate is 1.0. PlayForwards
Backward_ScanPlay backward at a specified playback rate. PlayBackwards
Menu_CallShow a menu. ShowMenu
ResumeReturn from a menu and resume playback. Resume
Upper_Button_Select, Lower_Button_Select, Left_Button_Select, Right_Button_SelectSelect a button whose position is relative to the currently selected button. SelectButton
Button_ActivateActivate the selected button. ActivateButton
Button_Select_and_ActivateSelect and activate a button. SelectAndActivateButton
Still_OffResume playback when displaying a still image. StillOff
Pause_OnPause playback. Pause
Pause_OffResume playback from the paused state. Pause
Menu_Language_SelectSelect the language for menus. SelectDefaultMenuLanguage
Audio_Stream_ChangeSet the audio stream. SelectAudioStream
Sub-picture_Stream_ChangeSet the subpicture stream; enable or disable subpicture display. SelectSubpictureStream
Angle_ChangeSet the camera angle. SelectAngle
Parental_Level_SelectSet the parental level. SelectParentalLevel
Parental_Country_SelectSet the country/region for parental management. SelectParentalCountry
Karaoke_Audio_Presentation_Mode_ChangeSet the audio mixing mode for karaoke. SelectKaraokeAudioPresentationMode
Video_Presentation_Mode_ChangeSet the aspect ratio mode to widescreen, letterbox, or pan scan. SelectVideoModePreference


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