IUIAutomationTextPattern Interface

Exposes methods and properties of UI Automation elements that contain text.

IUIAutomationTextPattern Members

DocumentRange Retrieves a text range that encloses the main text of a document.
GetSelection Retrieves a collection of disjoint text ranges associated with the current text selection or selections.
GetVisibleRanges Retrieves an array of disjoint text ranges from a text container where each text range begins with the first partially visible line and ends at the end of the last partially visible line.
RangeFromChild Retrieves a text range enclosing a child element such as an image, hyperlink, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or other embedded object.
RangeFromPoint Retrieves the degenerate (empty) text range nearest to the specified screen coordinates.
SupportedTextSelection Retrieves a value that specifies whether a text provider supports selection and, if so, the type of selection supported.

Interface Information

Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files uiautomation.h, uiautomationclient.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows 7

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