TFSLabConfig ListTeamProjectHostGroups Command

TFSLabConfig ListTeamProjectHostGroups Command

Use the ListTeamProjectHostGroups command to list the host groups that are assigned to a team project and that you have read access to.

Required Permissions

To use the ListTeamProjectHostGroups command, you must have View Lab Resources permissions at the Team Project level. By default, members of the Team Foundation Server Administrators, Team Project Collection Administrators, Team Project Administrators, Team Project Contributors, and Team Project Readers groups have this permission. For more information, see Permission reference for Team Foundation Server.

TFSLabConfig ListTeamProjectHostGroups



Collection: collectionUrl

Required. The URL of the team project collection on the application tier of Team Foundation Server that contains the team project. For example, /collection:http://abc:8080/TFS/DefaultCollection.

TeamProject: teamProjectName

Required. The name of the team project. Use quotation marks if there are spaces in the name

For increased readability in the example, command options are listed on separate lines. In a command prompt window, type all options for a command on the same line.

TFSLabConfig ListTeamProjectHostGroups
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