We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Select Configurations for Specific Test Cases

Visual Studio 2010

You can update the default assignments of test configurations to test cases in each test suite using Microsoft Test Manager. You can remove pairings that you do not want to test and add other combinations. These pairings are called test points. This gives you the flexibility to specify in your plan only those test points that you really want to test as shown in the following illustration.

Update Default Assignments of Test Configurations

Test cases must be paired with at least one test configuration.

To update configurations for specific test cases

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.


    To display the Microsoft Test Manager window, click Start, and then click All Programs. Point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and then click Microsoft Test Manager 2010.

  2. From the Testing Center, click Plan and then click Contents.

    The Contents pane is displayed.

  3. If you want to be able to change the test configurations for any of the test cases in a test suite, right-click the test suite and select Select test configurations for all tests.

    - or -

    If you want to change the test configurations for specific test cases in the test suite, select the specific tests in the test suite details pane, and click Configurations in the Test Suite Details pane toolbar.

    The Select Test Configurations dialog box is displayed.

  4. To view all the test configurations in your team project, click All configurations.

    Any configurations in your team project that are not assigned to this test plan are displayed.

  5. To create or remove an existing pairing of any test case in this test suite with a specific configuration, click in the appropriate cell.

    A check mark is displayed or removed from the cell based on the previous state of the cell.

  6. To view only the test configurations assigned to this test suite, click Assigned configurations.

  7. (Optional) To reset the test case and configuration pairings to the current default configurations for the test suite, click Reset defaults.

  8. (Optional) If you have many changes to make, select Enable range selection and fill mode to mark a range. Click to start marking the range, and then press SHIFT+Click to extend the range. To toggle the state of all the marked cells, click the anchor cell that marks the start of the range.


    The changes that you have made but have not yet been saved are highlighted in gray.

  9. To save your changes, click Apply changes.