We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Connect to a Team Project and Test Plan

When you start Microsoft Test Manager for the first time, it asks you to connect to a team project, and to create or select a test plan. When you start Microsoft Test Manager subsequently, it automatically connects to the same project and plan.

You can switch to a different team project or test plan at any time.

Test plans are contained within team projects. Team projects are contained within team project collections, which are hosted on team servers. For more information, see Organizing Your Server with Team Project Collections.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Test Professional

Caution note Caution

To complete these procedures, you must have Team Foundation Server installed. For more information, see Installing Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio ALM.

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.

  2. Connect to Your Team Project

    Type the name or URL of the Team Foundation Server, and then choose Add.

    If your server is configured to use a port other than 8080, you must provide the URL.

    Only team projects that you have permission to access will be displayed. For more information about permissions, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

  3. Select a project collection and then your team project in the list, and then choose Connect now.

    If you successfully connect to the team project, Testing Center is displayed.

  4. Select an existing plan, or create a new one:

    Set the Plan Context

    Choose Add to create a new test plan. Typically you would do this if you are starting to test in a new sprint, iteration, or area of your project.

    - or -

    Select an existing test plan. Typically you would to this if you want to run tests that have been planned or add more tests to the plan.

You can now add all the test suites, test cases, configurations and other information for your test plan. For more information, see Creating and Defining a Test Plan.

Choose the home icon or the test plan name in the upper-right corner.

Connect to Team Project

Select another test plan, or use Add to create a new test plan, or choose Change Project.

If you create a new test plan, you might want to create some new test cases and copy others from the previous test plan. For more information, see Creating and Defining a Test Plan.

If you have completed the previous test plan, consider setting its state to Inactive in the test plan properties. This disables tests from being run, but does not delete the results.

You can save a URL in a desktop shortcut or email it to another member of your team. The URL starts Microsoft Test Manager, connects it to the team project and opens the test plan. The computer on which the URL is opened must have Microsoft Test Manager, and the team member must have permission to access the project.

  1. In Testing Center, choose the Home icon.

  2. Select a test plan and choose Copy URL for plan.

    Copy the URL for a test plan
  3. Paste the URL wherever you want to use it.

    If you want to create a shortcut on your desktop, right-click the desktop and choose New, Shortcut. Paste the URL into Type the location of the item.