Modify Work Items within a List View

You can efficiently modify work items in a query results list by making changes within the currently selected work item form. After you have modified your work items, you can save the changes in one easy step.

Required Permissions

To add, modify, or remove a link between work items, you must have permission set to view both of the work items and to modify at least one of them. You must be a member of the Contributors group or have your View work items in this node, and your Edit work items in this node permissions set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To modify work items from within a list view

  1. In Team Explorer, open your team project, expand the Work Items node, and then select Team Queries or My Queries.

  2. Right-click the query that contains the work items that you want to modify, and then click View query results View Results.

    Two panels appear; one displays the list of work items, and the other one displays the currently selected work item in the list.

  3. (Optional) Click Split panels horizontally or Split panels vertically to switch to a side-by-side or stacked view.

  4. (Optional) Click Collapse upper panel or Collapse bottom panel to collapse an upper or lower panel, or Collapse left panel or Collapse right panel to collapse the left or right panel. You can also use Shift-Alt-V in succession to quickly access different views.

  5. To modify work items in the list, perform one or more of the following steps:

    • Click the work item, and modify one or more fields.

    • Click Move down in list or Move up in list to select the next or previous work item in the list. You can also use the up and down arrows on your keyboard, or Shift-Alt-N and Shift-Alt-P.

  6. Save or discard the changes:

    • To save the modifications made to all work items, click Save Save Results.


      If one or more work item does not save, open each work item that did not save individually and correct the error. You can then click Save Work Item orSave Save Results.

    When you refresh the query, the query results list, or a work item in the list, a dialog box appears.

    • To discard all changes in the results list, click Refresh query Refresh on the results list toolbar. In the opened dialog box, click No.

    • To discard changes to a work item, open the work item form, and then click Refresh query Refresh. In the opened dialog box, click No.

    You can also close the query without saving the changes, and click No in the opened dialog box to discard all changes.

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