Process Documents

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You can track your backlog, manage issues, and perform triage by using the workbooks that are provided with MSF for Agile Software Development. The product backlog workbook helps you plan and track your whole project. The iteration, issues, and triage workbooks help you plan and track an iteration. You can open these workbooks from Team Explorer by expanding your team project node, expanding Documents, and then expanding Shared Documents and Iteration 1.

Caution noteCaution

   The team queries in the Workbook Queries folder support the work item lists in the Office Excel workbooks that are described in the following table. For more information, see Queries for Work Items



Product Backlog Workbook

Use this workbook to create and track the product backlog, to estimate the team's velocity, and to break the project down into iterations.

Iteration Backlog Workbook

Use this workbook to plan an iteration and track its progress. This workbook helps you balance your team's load effectively and ensure that your team is committing to goals that it can achieve.

Issues Workbook

Use this workbook to track issues that come up over the course of your project.

Triage Workbook

Use this workbook to monitor incoming bugs and to make sure that they are assigned appropriately.