Rendering Errors

Note  [Deprecated. This API may be removed from future releases of Windows.]

Microsoft® DirectShow® Editing Services (DES) defines various error codes used to log rendering errors. If a project does not render correctly, the render engine calls the IAMErrorLog::LogError method. The following table summarizes the parameters given to LogError:

  • The error code is contained in the ErrorCode parameter.
  • The description is contained in the ErrorString parameter.
  • The description is contained in the ErrorString parameter.
  • If there is extra information, the VARIANT type is contained in the vt member of the VARIANT pointed to by pExtraInfo.
Note  The error codes described here are not HRESULT values. For a list of HRESULT return values specific to DES, see Error and Success Codes.
Error code Description Extra information Variant type
DEX_IDS_BAD_SOURCE_NAMEFile name doesn't exist, or DirectShow doesn't recognize the file extension.File nameBSTR
DEX_IDS_BAD_SOURCE_NAME2File type does not match the file extension or the file is corrupt.File nameBSTR
DEX_IDS_MISSING_SOURCE_NAMEFile name was required, but wasn't given.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_UNKNOWN_SOURCECannot parse data source provided by this source.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_INSTALL_PROBLEMUnexpected error. Some DirectShow component is not installed properly.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_NO_SOURCE_NAMESSource filter does not accept file names.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_BAD_MEDIATYPEGroup's media type is not supported.Group numberint
DEX_IDS_STREAM_NUMBERInvalid stream number for this source.Stream numberint
DEX_IDS_OUTOFMEMORYOut of memory.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_DIBSEQ_NOTALLSAMEOne bitmap in the sequence was not the same type as the others.Bitmap nameBSTR
DEX_IDS_CLIPTOOSHORTClip's media times are invalid, or the device-independent bitmap (DIB) sequence is too short.
Note   If other rendering errors occur, this error might occur even though the media times are valid.
NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_INVALID_DXTClass identifier (CLSID) of the effect or transition is not valid.CLSIDBSTR
DEX_IDS_INVALID_DEFAULT_DXTThe CLSID of the default effect or transition is not valid.CLSIDBSTR
DEX_IDS_NO_3DYour version of DirectX does not support three-dimensional transitions.CLSIDBSTR
DEX_IDS_BROKEN_DXTThis effect is not the right kind, or is broken.CLSIDBSTR
DEX_IDS_NO_SUCH_PROPERTYNo such property exists on the object.Property nameBSTR
DEX_IDS_ILLEGAL_PROPERTY_VALIllegal value for this property.Value specifiedVARIANT
DEX_IDS_INVALID_XMLSyntax error in XML file.Line numberVT_I4 (4-byte integer)
DEX_IDS_CANT_FIND_FILTERCannot find filter specified in XML by category and instance.Friendly name (instance)BSTR
DEX_IDS_DISK_WRITE_ERRORError writing XML file to disk.NoneNot applicable
DEX_IDS_INVALID_AUDIO_FXCLSID not a valid DirectShow audio effect filter.CLSIDBSTR
DEX_IDS_CANT_FIND_COMPRESSORCannot find a compressor to produce the specified compression format.NoneNot applicable


The following errors should never occur. If you encounter one of these errors, please send a bug report to Microsoft.

Error code Description
DEX_IDS_TIMELINE_PARSEUnexpected error parsing the timeline.
DEX_IDS_GRAPH_ERRORUnexpected error building the filter graph.
DEX_IDS_GRID_ERRORUnexpected error with the internal grid.
DEX_IDS_INTERFACE_ERRORUnexpected error getting an interface.