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ILegacyIAccessibleProvider Interface

Exposes Microsoft Active Accessibility properties and methods to Microsoft UI Automation clients.

ILegacyIAccessibleProvider Members

ChildId Retrieves the child identifier of this element.
DefaultAction Retrieves a string describing the default action for this element.
Description Retrieves the description of this element.
DoDefaultAction Performs the default action on the control.
GetIAccessible Retrieves an accessible object that corresponds to a UI Automation element that supports the LegacyIAccessible control pattern.
GetSelection Retrieves the selected item or items in the control.
Help Retrieves a help string for this element.
KeyboardShortcut Retrieves a string describing the keyboard shortcut string for this element.
Name Retrieves the name of this element.
Role Retrieves the role identifier of this element.
Select Selects the element.
SetValue Sets the string value of the control.
State Retrieves the state of this element.
Value Retrieves the value of this element.


This interface is implemented by the Microsoft Active Accessibility to UI Automation Proxy to expose native MSAA properties and methods to UI Automation clients that need them for legacy reasons. The proxy automatically supplies this interface for applications or controls that implement Microsoft Active Accessibility natively. This interface is not intended to be implemented by UI Automation applications or controls.

Interface Information

Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files uiautomation.h, uiautomationcore.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows 7

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