Media Type Helper Functions

The following functions pertain to media type objects.

MFAverageTimePerFrameToFrameRate Calculates the frame rate from the average duration of a video frame.
MFCalculateImageSize Retrieves the image size for an uncompressed video format.
MFCompareFullToPartialMediaType Compares a full media type to a partial media type.
MFCreateMediaType Creates an empty media type.
MFFrameRateToAverageTimePerFrame Converts a video frame rate into a frame duration.
MFGetStrideForBitmapInfoHeader Retrieves the minimum surface stride for a video format.
MFIsFormatYUV Queries whether a FOURCC code or D3DFORMAT value is a YUV format.
MFValidateMediaTypeSize Validates the size of a buffer for a video format block.
MFWrapMediaType Creates a media type that wraps another media type.


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