ISynchronizedInputProvider::StartListening Method

Starts listening for input of the specified type.


HRESULT StartListening(          SynchronizedInputType inputType


[in] A value from the SynchronizedInputType enumerated type indicating the type of input that is requested to be synchronized.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


When it finds matching input, the provider checks if the target UI Automation element matches the current element. If they match, the provider raises the InputReachedTarget event; otherwise, it raises the InputReachedOtherElement or InputDiscarded event. The UI Automation provider must discard the input if it is for an element other than this one.

This is a one-shot method; after receiving input, the provider stops listening and continues normally.

This method returns E_INVALIDOPERATION if the provider is already listening for input.

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