OpenGL Functions and Their IRIS GL Equivalents

This appendix lists IRIS GL functions and their equivalent OpenGL functions. The first column is an alphabetical list of IRIS GL functions, the second column contains the corresponding functions to use in OpenGL.


The following OpenGL functions listed may behave somewhat differently from the IRIS GL commands, and the parameters may be different as well. For more information on the differences between IRIS GL and OpenGL, see IRIS GL and OpenGL Differences.

IRIS GL functionOpenGL, GLU, or Windows function
acbuf glAccum
acsize ChoosePixelFormat
addtopupUse Windows for menus.
afunction glAlphaFunc
arc gluPartialDisk
backbuffer glDrawBuffer ( GL_BACK )
backface glCullFace ( GL_BACK )
bbox2Not supported.
bgnclosedline glBegin ( GL_LINE_LOOP )
bgncurve gluBeginCurve
bgnline glBegin ( GL_LINE_STRIP )
bgnpoint glBegin ( GL_POINTS )
bgnpolygon glBegin ( GL_POLYGON )
bgnqstrip glBegin ( GL_QUAD_STRIP )
bgnsurface gluBeginSurface
bgntmesh glBegin ( GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP )
bgntrim gluBeginTrim
blankscreenUse Windows for windowing.
blanktimeUse Windows for windowing.
blendfunction glBlendFunc
blinkUse Windows for color maps.
blkqreadUse Windows for event handling.
c glColor
callfuncNot supported.
callobj glCallList
charstr glCallLists
chunksizeNot needed.
circ gluDisk
clear glClear ( GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT )
clearhitcodeNot supported.
clipplane glClipPlane
clkonUse Windows for keyboard management.
clkoffUse Windows for keyboard management.
closeobj glEndList
cmode ChoosePixelFormat
cmov glRasterPos3
cmov2 glRasterPos2
color glIndex
compactifyNot needed.
concave gluBeginPolygon
cpack glColor
crvNot supported.
crvnNot supported.
curoriginUse Windows for cursors.
cursoffUse Windows for cursors.
cursonUse Windows for cursors.
curstypeUse Windows for cursors.
curvebasis glMap1
curveit glEvalMesh1
curveprecisionNot supported.
cyclemapUse Windows for color maps.
dbtextNot supported.
defbasis glMap1
defcursorUse Windows for cursors.
deflinestyle glLineStipple
defpattern glPolygonStipple
defpupUse Windows for menus.
defrasterfont wglUseFontBitmaps
delobj glDeleteLists
deltagNot supported.
depthcue glFog
dglcloseNot needed. (OpenGL is network transparent.)
dglopenNot needed. (OpenGL is network transparent.)
dither glEnable ( GL_DITHER )
dopupUse Windows for menus.
doublebuffer ChoosePixelFormat
draw glBegin ( GL_LINES )
drawmode wglMakeCurrent
editobjNot supported.
endclosedline glEnd
endcurve gluEndCurve
endfeedback glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endfullscreenNot supported.
endline glEnd
endpick glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endpoint glEnd
endpolygon glEnd
endpupmodeUse Windows for menus.
endqstrip glEnd
endselect glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endsurface gluEndSurface
endtmesh glEnd
endtrim gluEndTrim
feedback glFeedbackBuffer
finish glFinish
fogvertex glFog
font glListBase
foregroundUse Windows for windowing.
freepupUse Windows for menus.
frontbuffer glDrawBuffer ( GL_FRONT )
frontface glCullFace
fudgeUse Windows for windowing.
fullscrnNot supported.
gammarampUse Windows for color maps.
gbeginUse Windows for windowing.
gconfigNo equivalent. (Not needed.)
genobj glGenLists
gentagNot supported.
getbackface glGet
getbuffer glGet
getbuttonUse Windows for windowing.
getcmmode wglGetCurrentContext
getcolor glGet
getcpos glGet
getcursorNot supported.
getdcm glIsEnabled
getdepth glGet
getdescenderUse Windows for fonts.
getdevNot supported.
getdisplaymode glGet
getdrawmode wglGetCurrentContext
getfontUse Windows for fonts.
getgdesc glGet, DescribePixelFormat, wglGetCurrentContext , wglGetCurrentDC
getgposNot supported.
getheightUse Windows for fonts.
gethitcodeNot supported.
getlsbackupNot supported.
getlsrepeat glGet
getlstyle glGet
getlwidth glGet
getmap(void)Not supported.
getmcolorNot supported.
getmmode glGet ( GL_MATRIX_MODE )
getmonitorNot supported.
getnurbsproperty gluGetNurbsProperty
getopenobjNot supported.
getoriginUse Windows for windowing.
getpattern glGetPolygonStipple
getplanes glGet ( GL_RED_BITS ), glGet ( GL_GREEN_BITS ), glGet ( GL_BLUE_BITS )
getportUse Windows for windowing.
getresetlsNot supported.
getscrboxNot supported.
getscrmask glGet ( GL_SCISSOR_BOX )
getshade glGet ( GL_CURRENT_INDEX )
getsizeUse Windows for windowing.
getsm glGet ( GL_SHADE_MODEL )
getvaluatorUse Windows for event handling
getvideoNot supported.
getviewport glGet ( GL_VIEWPORT )
getwritemask glGet ( GL_INDEX_WRITEMASK )
getwscrnUse Windows for windowing.
getzbuffer glIsEnabled ( GL_DEPTH_TEST )
gexitUse Windows for windowing.
gflush glFlush
ginitUse Windows for windowing.
glcompatNot supported.
gresetNot supported.
gRGBcursorUse Windows for cursors.
gselect glSelectBuffer
gsyncUse Windows for windowing.
gversion glGetString ( GL_RENDERER )
iconsizeUse Windows.
icontitleUse Windows.
imakebackgroundUse Windows for event handling.
initnames glInitNames
ismexNot supported.
isobj glIsList
isqueuedUse Windows for event handling.
istagNot supported.
keepaspectUse Windows for windowing.
lampoffNot supported.
lamponNot supported.
linesmooth glEnable ( GL_LINE_SMOOTH )
linewidth glLineWidth
linewidthf glLineWidth
lmbind glEnable ( GL_LIGHTING ), glEnable ( GL_LIGHT )
lmcolor glColorMaterial
lmdef glMaterial, glLight, glLightModel
loadmatrix glLoadMatrix
loadname glLoadName
logicop glLogicOp
lookat gluLookAt
lrectread glReadPixels
lrectwrite(]) glDrawPixels
lRGBrangeNot supported. (See glFog.)
lsbackupNot supported.
lsetdepth glDepthRange
lshaderangeNot supported. (See glFog.)
lsrepeat glLineStipple
makeobj glNewList
maketagNot supported.
mapcolorUse Windows for color maps.
mapw gluProject
maxsizeUse Windows for windowing.
minsizeUse Windows for windowing.
mmode glMatrixMode
moveNot supported.
mswapbuffersUse Windows for windowing.
multimapUse Windows for color maps.
multmatrix glMultMatrix
n3f glNormal3fv
newpupUse Windows for Menus.
newtagNot supported.
nmode glEnable ( GL_NORMALIZE )
noborderUse Windows for windowing.
noiseUse Windows for event handling.
noportUse Windows for windowing.
normal glNormal3fv
nurbscurve gluNurbsCurve
nurbssurface gluNurbsSurface
objdeleteNot supported.
objinsertNot supported.
objreplaceNot supported.
onemapUse Windows for color maps.
ortho glOrtho
ortho2 gluOrtho2D
overlayUse Windows.
pagecolorNot supported.
passthrough glPassThrough
patch glEvalMesh2
patchbasis glMap2
patchcurves glMap2
patchprecisionNot supported.
pclosNot supported. (See glEnd.)
pdrNot supported. (See glVertex.)
perspective gluPerspective
pick gluPickMatrix, glRenderMode ( GL_SELECT )
picksize gluPickMatrix
pixmode glPixelTransfer and 3
pmvNot supported. (See glBegin and glVertex.)
pnt glBegin ( GL_POINTS )
pntsize glPointSize
pntsizef glPointSize
pntsmooth glEnable ( GL_POINT_SMOOTH )
polarviewNot supported. (See glRotate and glTranslate.)
polfNot supported.
polyNot supported.
polymode glPolygonMode
polysmooth glEnable ( GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH )
popattributes glPopAttrib
popmatrix glPopMatrix
popname glPopName
popviewport glPopAttrib
prefpositionUse Windows for windowing.
prefsizeUse Windows for windowing.
pupmodeUse Windows for windowing.
pushattributes glPushAttrib
pushmatrix glPushMatrix
pushname glPushName
pushviewport glPushAttrib ( GL_VIEWPORT )
pwlcurve gluPWLCurve
qcontrolUse Windows for event handling.
qdeviceUse Windows for event handling.
qenterUse Windows for event handling.
qgetfdUse Windows for event handling.
qreadUse Windows for event handling.
qresetUse Windows for event handling.
qtestUse Windows for event handling.
rcrvNot supported.
rcrvnNot supported.
rdrNot supported.
readdisplayNot supported.
readRGBNot supported.
readsource glReadBuffer
rect glRect, glPolygonMode
rectf glRect
rectcopy glCopyPixels
rectread glReadPixels
rectwrite glDrawPixels
rectzoom glPixelZoom
resetlsNot supported.
reshapeviewportNot supported.
RGBcolor glColor
RGBcursorUse Windows for cursors.
RGBmodeUse Windows for windowing.
RGBrangeNot supported.
RGBwritemask glColorMask
ringbellNot supported.
rmvNot supported.
rot glRotate
rotate glRotate
rpatchNot supported.
rpdrNot supported.
rpmvNot supported.
sbox glRect
scale glScale
sclear glClear ( GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT )
scrboxNot supported.
screenspaceNot supported.
scrmask glScissor
scrnattachUse Windows for windowing.
scrnselectUse Windows for windowing.
scrsubdivideNot supported.
select glRenderMode
setbellNot supported.
setcursorUse Windows for cursors.
setdblightsNot supported.
setdepth glDepthRange
setlinestyle glLineStipple
setmapUse Windows for color maps.
setmonitorNot supported.
setnurbsproperty gluNurbsProperty
setpattern glPolygonStipple
setpupUse Windows for menus.
setvaluatorUse Windows for devices.
setvideoNot supported.
shademodel glShadeModel
shaderange glFog
singlebufferUse Windows for windowing.
smoothline glEnable ( GL_LINE_SMOOTH )
spclosNot supported.
splfNot supported. (See glBegin.)
stencil glStencilFunc, glStencilOp
stensize glStencilMask
stepunitUse Windows for windowing.
strwidthUse Windows for fonts and strings.
subpixelNot needed.
swapbuffers SwapBuffers
swapintervalUse Windows for windowing.
swaptmeshNot supported. (See glBegin( GL_TRIANGLE_FAN )
swinopenUse Windows for windowing.
swritemask glStencilMask
t2 glTexCoord2
tevbind glTexEnv
tevdef glTexEnv
texbind glTexImage2D, glTexParameter, gluBuild2DMipmaps
texdef2d glTexImage2D, glTexParameter, gluBuild2DMipmaps
texgen glTexGen
textcolorNot supported.
textinitNot supported.
textportNot supported.
tieUse Windows for event handling.
tpoffNot supported.
tponNot supported.
translate glTranslate
underlay ChoosePixelFormat
unqdeviceUse Windows for event handling.
v glVertex
videocmdNot supported.
viewport glViewport
winattachUse Windows for windowing.
winclose wglDeleteContext, CloseWindow
winconstraintsUse Windows for windowing.
windepthUse Windows for windowing.
window glFrustum
winget wglGetCurrentContext
winmoveUse Windows for windowing.
winopenUse Windows for windowing.
winpopUse Windows for windowing.
winpositionUse Windows for windowing.
winpushUse Windows for windowing.
winsetUse Windows for windowing.
wintitleUse Windows for windowing.
wmpack glColorMask
writemask glIndexMask
writepixels glDrawPixels
writeRGB glDrawPixels
xfptNot supported.
zbuffer glEnable ( GL_DEPTH_TEST )
zclear glClear ( GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT )
zdrawNot supported.
zfunction glDepthFunc
zsourceNot supported.
zwritemask glDepthMask