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Testing Tools

Programmatic access and keyboard access to your application are two critical requirements for accessibility. Without adequate access, many users of assistive technology (AT), such as screen reader and on-screen keyboard users, would be unable to use your application. It is important to thoroughly test your application to ensure that it provides adequate information about its UI elements, and that all of your application scenarios can be accomplished with only the keyboard.

This section describes tools for testing the accessibility implementation of your application to ensure that the UI is fully accessible to client applications, and to users who access your application though the keyboard. It describes the available tools for testing Microsoft UI Automation and Microsoft Active Accessibility implementations.

In addition to verifying the programmatic access, some of the tools can help you assess the implementation of your application's keyboard access. However, tools alone are not enough. It is important to manually verify that all scenarios can be accomplished with only the keyboard.

For programmatic and keyboard requirements, there is no one tool that can verify your full implementation. Try to use a variety of tools to verify your implementation and, when possible, find users of assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to use your UI.

Note  The Accessible Explorer and UI Spy tools are obsolete and no longer available. Developers should use Inspect or AccScope instead.

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